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How often should you wash your sheets and pillowcases?

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There’s nothing like falling straight into bed after a long and stressful day. Although we may not think about it often, our sheets and pillowcases are highly susceptible to the dirt, sweat, and oil residues that we produce. This not only has an impact on our general hygiene, but on our overall health, as well. 

That’s why it’s important to keep these items clean as often as possible. Learn more about how often you should wash your bedding and pillowcases and how a laundry delivery service can help. 

General Washing Guidelines

Although many people stick to the every other week washing rule, sheets should be washed once per week to maintain good hygiene. However, this frequency can increase if you have pets who regularly sleep with you or lay on the bed during the day. If pets are in the picture, or if you have asthma or other allergies, consider washing your sheets every three to four days.

Time of year also impacts how often sheets need to be washed. For example, you may sweat more at night during those hot summer evenings or need extra clean sheets in the spring to manage allergies. Pillowcases should also be washed more frequently during these times.

But what about other types of bedding? Follow this simple guide.

  • Sheets: Wash every three to four days (or once a week if you don’t have pets)
  • Pillowcases: Wash every week
  • Duvets: Wash every other week 
  • Comforters and other blankets: Wash every two months

Checking the care instructions on bedding can also shed insight into how often to wash. Some specially-designed bedding or pillowcases will require more upkeep than others.

Why Washing Your Bedding Matters

Overall, washing your sheets and pillowcases regularly helps mitigate the buildup of bacteria, mold, and fungi. It can also help remove pollen, dander, or dust for those who struggle with allergies. Skin issues like dermatitis or eczema are also improved with regular washing since our bodies produce sweat and shed skin cells during sleep. One 2017 study also found that infections were more often transmitted or contracted through dirty bedding. 

How To Properly Wash Your Sheets & Pillowcases

To clean sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding, simply follow the wash instructions found on the garment care label of these items. Typically, cleaning steps involve soaking bedding in extremely hot water along with the detergent of your choice. It’s recommended to use a detergent that is gentle on your skin and does not include any harsh solvents.

If washing your sheets and pillowcases every week is a hassle, consider hiring a laundry delivery service like WashBistro. Open seven days a week, our services are perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle and feature full wash, dry, and folding services. Simply schedule a pickup online or via the App and your bedding will be inspected, sorted, and processed according to your cleaning preferences.
Contact WashBistro to set up weekly laundry cleaning services and delivery for your sheets, pillowcases, and bedding.

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