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What is Fluff and Fold Laundry?

Fluff and fold laundry is dropping your laundry off or having it picked up at your home. Your items are returned to you washed, dried, and neatly folded, saving you time and money.   

Laundry can either be therapeutic or a pain that you must deal with to have clean clothes, sheets, and towels. But, with family, work, family, and some “me time,” life can get hectic. So, when it comes to doing laundry, you may be tempted to get someone else to do it for you.  

What is Fluff and Fold?

Fluff and fold is a useful laundry service for your machine-washable items. This service is also referred to as “drop-off laundry’ or “wash and fold.” Your washables are washed, dried, and folded after you drop them off at the laundromat. 

Fluff and fold is budget-friendly, easy to use regularly, and is intended to give you back some much-needed free time instead of spending it doing laundry. Most laundromats even offer a fluff and fold subscription service and pick-up at your residence.

How Fluff and Fold Works 

The fluff and fold service starts with a customer dropping off their dirty laundry at a laundromat where fluff and fold is offered. 

After leaving the items, they are washed and dried in a commercial washing machine and dryer. Next, an inspection is done to make sure they are completely clean and neatly folded before returning them to the customer. Professionals manage each step in the fluff and fold process, allowing customers to do other things or just take a rest. 

Where You Can Get Fluff and Fold Service

Many laundromats offer fluff and fold service. Even though fluff and fold is different from dry cleaning, several dry cleaners provide fluff and fold service as well. 

The Benefits of Fluff and Fold

There are a lot of benefits to using fluff and fold. First, using a subscription service or a one-time deal is super convenient, ensuring your laundry is cleaned in the best way possible. You don’t have to spend time washing, drying, and folding at home or the laundromat. 

Also, fluff and fold service might be better for your budget, especially if you regularly use a laundromat or laundry room in your residential building. Usually, customers pay by weight instead of by item. Most people are pleasantly surprised at the affordability of fluff and fold service.

Another key factor is that fluff and fold delivers professional cleaning that you can’t get at home or washing at the laundromat. These laundry experts have the skills and knowledge to make sure that every item in your load is fresh and clean, leaving your laundry looking as good as new. 

Let Our Pros Handle It

Whether you love doing laundry or detest it, wouldn’t it be nice to let the professionals handle this one task for you? Let someone else deal with it and relish in the pleasure of having expertly cleaned and perfectly folded laundry picked up and delivered to your door. If you are in searching for a reliable laundry pickup and delivery service, call us today.

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