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WashBistro will pick up, professionally clean & pack, and deliver your laundry & dry cleaning straight to your door. Every day. Seven days a week.

(Next-Day Rush Delivery available for Wash & Fold)

Wash & Fold

Expertly Cleaned & Neatly Folded

Dry Cleaning

Returned Pressed Like New on a Hanger

Wash & Fold Service In Toronto

Laundry needs attention every day. Get your clothes washed and neatly folded, and we’ll even pair up the socks!
You set the preferences, and we never wash your items with anyone else’s. WashBistro even separates your lights and darks. Forgot to empty your pockets? Don’t worry. We won’t.



Priced per bag, and not per pound, this all-inclusive service will save you money as well as time. Save up to 29 percent comparted to Pay-per-use.



Our Wash & Fold service is priced per pound.

Dry Cleaning In Toronto

Get anything cleaned, pressed and returned back to you on a hanger.

WashBistro cleans your items, takes care of stains as appropriate, and presses them by hand to deliver them to you just like new.





Priced per item, with a $30 Minimum Order.

All Shirts
Casual Dress
Toronto is considered to be one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, with residents representing more than 200 different ethnic origins. The City of Toronto’s official motto is “Diversity Our Strength, and around half of the city’s population was born outside of Canada. That’s no small number, as Toronto boasts a population of 2.8 million. It’s Canada’s largest city, and is almost as big as the nation’s second- and third-largest cities – Montreal and Vancouver, respectively – combined.

The metro population of Toronto is around 6.2 million, and the Greater Toronto Area includes 25 municipalities. Stretching around the Golden Horseshoe – which reaches around Lake Ontario from the Niagara region to Hamilton – the area is home to 9.8 million people. That number accounts for nearly a quarter of Canada’s total population. That’s a lot of people, in a large area, and WashBistro can service most of them. Stretching around the region, WashBistro will take care of your Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold laundry so you can keep up with the fast pace of Canada’s largest city.
Brampton Dry Cleaning

What your Mississauga neighbors have to say

I was travelling over the long weekend and WashBistro’s service was incredible - a seamless, easy to use and convenient app. Excellent experience. Best part for last is it’s beyond affordable! I was terrified to know how much in the end this was going to cost! Let’s just say, you won’t find a better place to do your laundry and still have money to spare. Thank you very much WashBistro!.”
Mississauga, ON
Always a great experience with Wash Bistro! I love the quality and efficiency of the service and they are always on time with their deliveries! 100% recommend!! Thanks for everything WashBistro!”
Sebastien St-Juste
Toronto, ON

Start saving 3 hours a week when you leave your laundry to the Toronto Dry Cleaning experts

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