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How Do You Wash Suits

How Do You Wash Suits?

Suits are expensive and require extra care while washing–find out the right steps.

The average person will own a suit—or several—at some point in their lives. We use suits for job interviews, for formal work events, for celebrations, and more. It is clear from the moment you see a suit that you probably don’t just want to throw it in a washing machine. In this article, we will break down the right way to clean your suits.

What You Need to Know About Suits

For most of us, suits are an investment. The average suit costs well over a hundred dollars—and some can cost several hundred dollars or even thousands too. Given this, the way that you care for them really matters. Let’s take the time to explore this in more detail. 

Why ‘How You Wash Your Suit’ Matters

Suits are made in a very intentional way, and a standard washing machine cycle can very well put them at risk. Depending on the style of your suit and the material that it is made out of, one standard wash could easily ruin them and make it so you can no longer wear the suit. The actions that you take to preserve and protect your suit today will determine how long your suit will last. 

The Best Way to Wash a Suit

Though it is possible to wash a suit at home, the truth is that you probably don’t want to. Suits require extra care and consideration during the washing and drying process. Since this is the case, it is very easy for the average person to make mistakes while cleaning their own suits. Most suits will advise you to dry clean them or have them laundered, and you should absolutely follow this advice. Your suits will be best preserved in the hands of professionals. Since suits do not generally require regular washing, having your suits dry cleaned can be surprisingly affordable.

Finding the Best Laundry Service

Before you hand over your suits to your local laundry experts, you want to make sure that they are the right fit for the job. Look for a dry cleaning service that has proven the value they bring. Be sure to look for a company that has good reviews and can offer you the support that you need. It can also be beneficial to look for one that offers delivery service too!

The Takeaway

When you want your suits to be cleaned, you want to make sure that your suits are in the hands of trusted professionals. To make your life easier, it can also be a great idea to look for a mobile laundry service. These services can have your suits cleaned and protected, then delivered directly to your home or place of work. You can keep your suits safe and keep them clean at the same time!

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