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For the modern employee, achieving a successful work-life balance isn’t always easy. Many workers look to their employers nowadays to provide certain on-the-job perks to help find this balance. Although some benefits may be obvious, there’s one service that can help benefit both, the business and their employees.

A mobile laundry service may be the key to streamlining that elusive work-life balance employees are looking for. Let’s take a look at how outsourcing this complimentary service can benefit your business and accomplish long-term results. 

It increases workplace productivity

There are many advantages to helping your employees find harmony between when they’re at work and home. Since a majority of the professionals work a 40-hour work week or above, their time at home is precious and valuable to them. Providing a service like professional laundry and dry cleaning, helps employees have more free time to spend doing what they love in their free time. They won’t need to spend their off-hours cleaning, steaming, or ironing their work clothes. 

This simple action has the potential to leave a lasting impression. Happier teams lead to more effective business practices and workplace productivity. Encourage your team to lead better with consistently clean uniforms or dry-cleaned suits that will make them feel good and boost morale.

It creates a higher standard

Those in the customer service and hospitality businesses know that putting your best foot forward is a must. If your team is in a customer-facing position, consider providing a mobile laundry service so that their uniforms are always up to company standards. A professional laundry service can help ensure that each uniform is properly cleaned of all stains and maintained according to specific fabric requirements. This will help meet business standards every time so that your organization continues to impress, leading to customer retention. 

It boosts employee retention and attract new hires 

If you’re looking to hire new employees, you’ll need your job offering to stand out in the market. Job perks are extremely common, however, with many companies offering things like complimentary lunches, on-site lounge areas, or even pet-friendly spaces. An easy way to make your job offering more competitive and attractive to new hires, is by offering a helpful benefit like in-house laundry and dry cleaning services. This is especially beneficial to those employees who would need to maintain a certain wardrobe for the job. As well, laundry mobile service as a work-perk helps employers retain their existing talent. 

It helps mitigate workwear stains

Businesses in the machinery or construction fields can also benefit from commercial laundry services. These types of jobs typically dispense a lot of wear and tear on work uniforms. Manual and blue-collar workers are often required to wear uniforms in these demanding fields. By the end of the day, they are responsible for cleaning a uniform with material or substances on it that could be difficult to remove. 

Luckily, a mobile laundry service can easily pick up these types of uniforms and knows which methods work best on removing hard stains. No matter what state your uniforms arrive in, they’ll always come back to your business clean and ready for the next day.

For more information on how mobile laundry services can benefit your business, contact Wash Bistro

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