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What’s the difference between laundry and dry cleaning?

What's the difference between laundry and dry cleaning?

Though both the  methods are effective in  removing stains and cleaning clothes, there are a few key differences between laundering and dry cleaning that make each process unique. And while you may assume that all types of clothing can be laundered, some require specific cleaning instructions based on the fabric type.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between laundry and dry cleaning and how to schedule laundry pickup and delivery service in your area.

Overview of Dry Cleaning Services

Unlike typical laundering, dry cleaning does not utilize water as a solvent. Instead, it uses a range of chemical solvents to remove tough stains like grease and dirt from certain fabrics. Dry cleaning is typically necessary for certain fabrics or garments that may sustain discoloration when washed with other garments in the laundry. Sometimes fabrics that easily shrink or are very delicate require dry cleaning, as well.

The dry cleaning process is a rather simple one. Garments are treated with a high-grade solvent where the stain is located, passed through a tumble drier, steamed and pressed to remove wrinkles, and carefully packaged for pickup. Compared to most laundry services, dry cleaning is typically more expensive due to the use of specific solvents. Additionally, not all clothing requires dry cleaning, so be sure to check the fabric instructions located on the garment tag. 

Overview of Laundry Cleaning Services

Laundering services differ from “dry” cleaning because they feature water as the main solvent when cleaning each garment. Though some other solvents are added – like detergents, soaps, bleach, or softeners – they are paired with water in a more even ratio. This ensures that deep stains are removed effectively and safely from all garments being laundered.

Laundry services include outsourcing laundry duties like washing, drying, steaming, pressing, folding, and delivering of laundry. Laundry pickup and delivery services are a more convenient option than dry cleaning, especially for busy individuals, professionals, or businesses. Garments are closely inspected for tough stains like grease, oil, dirt, ink, and more. A specialized mix of detergents are measured per laundry load depending on the fabric type and instructions. The garments are then washed, tumble dried, press folded, and delivered per the customer’s instructions.

Overall, laundry cleaning and delivery is a much more convenient option for individuals or businesses. It ensures garments are always laundered per the fabric instructions and keeps clothes and uniforms stain-free. Unlike dry cleaning, there is also no usage of high-grade solvents  that could irritate your skin. The solvents and softeners used in laundering services keeps clothes soft with a long-lasting scent.
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